Airline, Agency & Corporate

Despite sharing the same background, trends and goal to sell more, the business model and priorities of airlines differ from those of Agencies or Corporates. One has to deal with Distribution cost more whilst other needs to offer as many airlines at one go as possible. Or perhaps to incorporate travel policy check and approval process.
We have it covered all.

Solution matching your segment

Whether you’re an Airline, OTA or a Corporate we’ve been in your shoes and know what you’re after.

Maximizing their effect when used all together, we offer airline customers the option to choose from our wide range of solutions on a-la carte basis, too. This includes a status quo solution for the traditional and costly Distribution models by introducing the IATA NDC standard. Or perhaps using a state of the art IBE with many features like Fare Families, Branded Fares, Ancillary Service and more. So your customers will not only love the experience of booking with your directly but even love to spend more with you.

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Our core product, with live availability links and access to both, published or locally defined fares, allows your customers to book tickets in a very intuitive environment. Some of the key features include: Availability calendars, use of multiple points of departure to find the lowest fare, or use of fare families to meet your customer’s taste and budget. Your ticket is just a click away!